About Shizune Kotori

Age: 17

Hair colour: light brown

Eye colour: green

Height: 172 cm

Colour preferences: blue, light-blue, purple.

Birthday: 30.04.2010

Character item: feathers and other bird-related things

Description: Kotori's story is hidden behind the mistery. To say briefly, she is a bird xD She has wings, sometimes hides them, but usually they are shown. The blue bird on her head, Ki, is a magic bird, a part of Kotori's soul and ego. She also has a huge feather of Blue Bird of happiness, that allows her to use magic.

Kotori is mild, romantic and extremely shy girl. When someone stares at her too long, she blushes and hides behind something. Prove her surname, she speaks so quiet, that no one can hear her. She strongly dislikes noise, shouting, roughness, violence. Kotori is also a great coward girl and cry-baby, she is afraid almost of everything and everything can hurt her. Despite that, she can overstep her fears to help her friends, who she is value very much.